I, Shel the loyal servant to the cat crew was checking the Email on my crystal ball. I found an Email sent by the la bella Principessa Lisa in Italy. The Email told me that the cats of Italy were being turned to stone by the evil Medusa. Only the Bearer of the Sword of the Snake, that being Captain Topcat, could defeat this evil witch Medusa. I quickly showed the missive to Topcat.

Since the ship Catavenger was always kept in a state of readiness it took little time to set sail. We were bound for Italy. The ship had not sailed very far from its secret base on Cat Cay, before it ran into fierce headwinds generated by ominous black clouds. "This storm is clearly not natural," Spooky spoke. I , Shel didn't reply as I was hanging onto the rail for dear life in an acute state of seasickness. Just as I thought the ship would be capsized, a great beam of white light shot down from heaven piercing the dark cloud and dispersing it A beautiful figure came down on gossamer wings. It was the the Guardian Angel Baffa the protector of cats. " The forces of darkness aligned against you are great, but you have powerful friends in high places to protect you" the beautiful angel kitty Baffa said , "so despair not." Before the crew could even thank her Baffa vanished in a blaze of shimmering light.

Once in Italy the ship secretly docked under cover of night Panther stayed aboard as she was still wanted by the Italian police for stealing the famous art work. We approached the home of the la Bella Principessa Lisa, Topcat entered. While I stayed outside with Spooky guarding and keeping watch for spies. At long last Topcat reappeared with the great dog Asia who was to be our guide.

Back aboard the ship Catavenger we set sail in the hastily re-provisioned ship. We had not gone to far however before I noticed we were dangerously low on food. I questioned Tiberius the tiger,the cook, about this. "We had enough food for a three month voyage ", replied the tiger. I looked at Panther. She looked back and said, "so I got a little hungry ."

Spooky tried fishing to obtain some food but all she caught was one small sardine. "Please don't eat me," he pleaded. "I am a magic fish who will grant your wish with the key to the back door of Medusa's fortress." After promising not to eat the sardine, he spat out a key. An old sardine can key actually. Then the sardine leaped over the side of the ship and swam off.

"I think we have been had, "said Topcat. "And I am still hungry" Panther pouted. Just then storm clouds started to blow in. "Great, a storm that's all we need," Spooky spoke. But when it rained, it wasn't water it was pasta....Baffa was still with us. After feasting, (and locking the the leftovers in the freezer ) the good ship Catavenger sailed on. ."

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