We reached the island fortress in the dead of night. Topcat had already planned out the attack. He, Asia, Spooky and Panther would look for the back door while the rest of the crew (With me the Hapless Butler) took the front to create a diversion. Topcat and companions sailed around to the back of the isle in his pinnace, the Ms Kitty, and sure enough there was a back door! They tried the Sardine's key and it worked. The four entered the small door. The great dog Asia had to squeeze through. They went down a long dark hallway until they reached another larger door. It was locked but Spooky popped out her lock pick claw and went to work on it.

"Hmmmm," Topcat said "you could have used that on the small door."
"Yes, but we wouldn't have known about this unguarded way in" Spooky said, (not admitting that it was a magical door she could not have opened) The inner door swung open. Unguarded way in indeed, hardly,there - Straight out of Greek Mythology - was Cerebus growling with all three heads!


At the entrance the rest of the crew and I had our hands full fighting an army. An army of bad rats. A big red rat came up and started kicking me in the shins. "Help," I shouted, "I am just the cat's butler , not a fighter." But the rest of the crew was to busy to help. Lady the dog had wrestled several rats to the ground; as had sea dog Sammy. Several of the crew members had managed to carry one of the ships heavy particle beam weapons and Sammy Jack the kitty was riding on top hosing down rats and melting them into puddles of dark lager beer. I was on my own with the biggest rat kicking my shins and another biting my ankles. Not knowing what to do I hit the big rat over the head with my copy of Bulfinch's Mythology. The ship's cook Tiberius smacked the other with a skillet. But we were still surrounded by an Army of rats and just then our cannon quit! We were doomed.


Asia the great dog said she would handle the three headed dog and told the others to go on with out her. So the group split up again. The brave trio approached the lair of the Gorgons.
"I hate to bring it up now but how are we going to get Medusa , if we even look at her we turn to stone." Spooky said.
"Gotcha covered, the la bella Principessa Lisa gave me these" Topcat said, producing two pairs of sunglasses and for himself a tinted monacle. "Lets kick tail."
The brave trio wearing their shades prapared to do battle with the evil gorgon sisters, Stheno, Euryale, and of course Medusa. Panther charged right in wielding the calvary saber she prefers over the lighter cutlass. Snakes went flying from the Gorgon Stheno's head but they kept growing back just as fast.
"Not the snakes, go for her head, " Topcat shouted as he prepared to face Medusa, rapier in hand.
Meanwhile Spooky had nailed Euryale with three throwing stars before she waded into the fray with her ninja style katana sword.
Medusa stared at Topcat and tried to turn him to stone.
"Sorry big ugly," he said,"this cat don't get stoned." With that remark , he leaped under her hissing snakes and with a formidable blow cut her horrid head clean off.
Panther was flailing away at Stheno, in a most gory manner. What she lacked in finesse she made up for in brute strength. Topcat was going to help Panther but as just as he charged foward Panther administered the coup de grace, the Gorgon folded. Topcat then turned to help Spooky who was locked in battle with Euryale. The snakes on this Gorgon's head were poison spitting cobras.
"Yuck don'cha know its not polite to spit," Spooky spoke as she dealt the horror a mortal blow.


At the front of the fortress we were shocked to see the rat army suddenly change into harmless squeaky rubber mice. Simultaneously in Italy the stone cats came back to life. This surprised many people who had been using sets of them as bookends. Apparently defeating the Gorgons broke their magic spell. We all rendezvoused at the ship as planned. The whole crew, Topcat, Spooky and Panther and I, were all there. But where was Asia? suddenly Asia appeared alongside Cerebus both laughing and wagging their tails.
" I thought you fought him?" Topcat inquired.
"Hey I am a lover not a fighter." she laughed. The crew had not only defeated the Gorgons, and got our hands on their treasure but we had made friends with a three headed dog.