Chapter One: Finding the Brigadier

After the death of Commander Montreal Lieutenant Saskatoon decided to leave on her own in the specialized pinnace Miss Kitty. The specially modified pinnace

Once in awhile Admiral Toronto received postcards from various regions where (now) Captain Saskatoon had visited – Portuguese Macau 1620, Boston Harbor 1776, Jakarta Indonesia 1850, Hong Kong, 1920 etc.

With Sassy's retirement the Catavenger was missing an important crew member. Through contacts in the CIA (Cat Intelligence Agency) Toronto learned that an old friend of the crew (known simply as the Brigadier) was now living in a different dimension from that of this world. Toronto hoped to persuade the Brigadier to come out of retirement and join their crew.

Chapter Two: Over the Edge of this world and into the next.

They set off to sail over the edge of this world and into the next dimension. It was a rough passage but the brigantine Catavenger made it through the seas of trans-dimensional space.

The brigantine pulled up in the nameless harbor. Once docked they begin repairs of the battered ship. They quickly learned that the integrated shrinking ray mechanism had been damaged.

Until that was repaired the ship was to large to go up the great jungle river where the CIA had told them was the Brigadier's home.

Chapter Three: Overland

Admiral Toronto decided not to wait for repairs but to set out with a select group of crew members overland. They hacked their way with machetes through the lush rain forest overcoming all manner of hardships before they finally entered the clearing that was said to be the Brigadier's home . . .

Chapter Four: The Funeral

They entered to see a sad procession of all kinds of beasts carrying a small coffin. Sad indeed for it was a funeral procession. Their friend the Brigadier had died. Respectfully with hats in hand and heads bowed the party of the Catavenger stood respectfully behind the vast crowd of animals. Through the swarm of animals Vancouver saw a familiar furry face. It was Saskatoon as she stepped forward and put a single white rose on the grave of the Brigadier.

Chapter Five: A sad homecoming

Looking up Sass spotted Toronto and the others. Walking over to them she said; “my friend has died , there is now no reason for me to stay here now." And thus with a sad homecoming Saskatoon rejoined her friend Vancouver, and the rest of the crew.


The pinnace Ms. Kitty was moored in a nearby lagoon. Since it was a much smaller vessel it had been able to sail up the river to the clearing. Once Sass had said her goodbyes and gathered her small baggage they sailed back down the river to the now repaired brigantine.

At the end of their visit the commanders and crew of the two vessels boarded their craft. They formed a convoy and once again sailed to their secret lair on Shelcat Cay, at a time and place known to very few.

I will miss you Brigadier my friend

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