Where are my cat treats you shiftless human?
Captain Calgary roared at their hapless human servant Shel (I.E. myself).
I confess I was doing what I do best, that is doing nothing, nothing that is but stare aimlessly at that boob-tube the TV set.
When Cal came out to scold me he reached to turn off the TV set when something caught his eye, there was their old friend Aunt Yemina great sticky sad syrupy tears running down her face, for it seems she had lost her job. Yes, that is right due to political reasons she had lost her job as spokes person for that sweet treat maple syrup. Cal quickly hit the record button of the set and said "Shel get up and get Toronto and the others."
Soon they were gathered around the set sadly watching Ms. Yemina hitting the street, for it seemed her employer (the General Spills Food Company) had provided her residence including furnishings. Indeed very few things had belonged to her except for a few sticky clothes. "Why surely she must have saved enough of her salary to get by?" Winnipeg ask?


"I'm afraid not" Vancouver cat replied. According to that always accurate news sheet the World Freaking News she had gambled it all away on online betting. In other words sadly she was broke!
"We have to do something to help her" Calgary said.
"Oh we shall, indeed we shall" Was Admiral Toronto's reply.


CHAPTER TWO: First Things First

After checking Giggle Maps, the Cat Crew had found a large cardboard shanty town. Captain Calgary Commander of the zeppelin Spirit of Spooky was dispatched to find Ms. Yemina and bring her back while Admiral Toronto and others flew as crew. Calgary stayed at the helm and Toronto with Saskatoon at his side dropped down to the Shanty town. Even though it was a maze of cardboard and trash they found her easily enough by following her sticky trail through the encampment.
Unfortunately besides the syrup was a trail of ants!
By the time they got to her Yemina was surrounded by them.
Toronto shuddered because (even though no story has been written about it) their own dear Comrade Montreal had been killed by friendly fire while combating the beasts. They had arrived in the nick of time. Toronto radioed the zeppelin while Saskatoon fried them with her laser (they are good for more than chasing you know).

Toronto looks up as the basket comes down

A basket attached to a line came down from above and once back aboard the craft they flew off.

Now that they had Ms Yemina they needed a way to help her. Unfortunately that was easier said than done . . .

CHAPTER THREE: Brainstorming


The Cats had a brain storming session and came up with very little that didn't involve violence.
"Maybe we could Catnap General Spills and make him eat those bran flakes his company makes until his gut explodes" Victoria cat said.
Vancouver suggested that they fill the gas tank of his sport's car with syrup.
"No" Victoria said, "replace his tires with pancakes . . ."


"But wait a minute Ms. Yemina said, I don't want to go back there I would rather join your crew."
As the weeks went by more unemployed mascots joined the crew, Uncle Rice's Beans, Ms Butterfield and others.

The advantage to the crew? Why free breakfast of course!

Admiral Toronto gained (I.E. Stole) a majority of shares in the General Spills and Quacker Oats companies. Will the Mascots go back to work?

Only time will tell.

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