Meanwhile the spy the Russians had had captured languished in a tiny cramped cell. He was Abel a Tasmanian Devil. So called, really he should have been called an angel. He had infiltrated amongst the enemy by posing as a traitor. Then they had found out he was a spy and imprisoned him.
On the ship the crew got busy on the plan to intercept the sub. "How can can a surface ship do that?" Argyle asked.
"I bet I know. They will use the bubble they got in Atlantis." Said Molly.
That indeed was the plan. First the ship sailed through time and space to the intercept point with the submarine, The crew encapsulated the ship with the Atlantean bubble and it submerged beneath the waves.
They did not have to wait to long for the submarine soon appeared.
Engineer Spott had outfitted the bubble with an airlock and and a small electric motor which gave it limited maneuverability. The bubble pushed its way up to the the side of the sub before the Russians could react. An airlocked opened and shaped charges of plastique were put on the side of the sub. Kaboom! As soon as a a hole was blown through some gas grenades were thrown through. Tiberius the ship's cook had created an antidote so the Catavenger crew could enter without any gas masks. The gas Tiberius had concocted was largely based on alcohol and unfortunately only made most of the Russians drunk instead of knocking them out. Still the drunken Russians were no match for the biting and scratching crew of the Catavenger.

Topcat and Molly headed for the bridge of the submarine. Tiberius and Spott went to the engine room. While Panther and Argyle followed the little red bear to where Abel was being held.
Panther bent over to see how to pick the lock. "Watch out!" Abel yelled. Two drunken Russians lurched towards them one wielding a hammer the other a sickle. Argyle bite one and clawed the other. They dropped the weapons and fled down the passageway. With these adversaries out the way Panther bent over the lock attempting to pick it. "Oh Spooky always was better at this than I, guess I will do it the old fashioned way." She muttered. With that she grabbed the bars and and pried them open freeing Abel the Tasmanian Devil.

Topcat's voice came over the loudspeaker telling everyone that the bridge as well as engineering had been secured. The Russians were locked up.
After this it was all routine. The bubble was stowed aboard the Catavenger. The Russians put on rafts half way between Florida and Cuba.
"Its their choice they can sail to freedom or back to Communism." Topcat said. The Silver cord was attached from the Catavenger to the Submarine allowing its magic to flow to the sub. The two craft then sailed back to Shelcat Cay. There the treasure was divvied up. Abel decided to join the Catavenger crew while the little red bear having become very attached to Molly decided to go home with her and Argyle.
Topcat hid the submarine on the cay, (surely he will find some nefarious use for it.) The Catavenger then took Molly, Argyle and the red bear along with their share of treasure back to their home, only Molly and Argyle know where it is buried.
"All's well that ends well." Topcat said looking at my story. "Still it could have used a little more violence, but then again there is always next time and now I have a submarine complete with nuclear warheads!

Thank you my good cat friend Blindcat for "loaning" me Argyle and Molly.

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