I started this website (Hosted on various Websites) 19 Years Ago. That was with my first crew. A lot has happened since then. Mostly bad I'm sorry to say. I was in a very bad accident the summer of 2003. It almost killed me. I now suffer from uncontrolled epileptic seizures and memory problems. Less a few months after that my cat Topcat died a few months after that my brother died. On the same day as he died my cat Panther died. My cat Snowball ran off. That was in 2004. Not long after the the beginning of 2005 my mother died.

Quite the year and a half! Oh I should also mention that my house had been burgled.

Since then I have put my sister and brother-in-law through hell. I have been on various prescription drugs that have made me crazy.

But I have gotten through it by the grace of GOD (and good neurologists. Along the way I have picked up more cats! A chat friend of mine since deceased (RIP "Roomies") lived in Toronto Canada, thus the names of the cats. Since my accident I have been writing more stories as a way to try to maintain my memory, I also have been teaching myself HTML coding.

I would also like to give special thanks to the good people at Liva Nova for there medical device call a "VNS". That gizmo is a wonder indeed.

And now for some legal mumbo - jumbo

From the US Copyright Office: "Copyright protects 'original works of authorship' that are fixed in a tangible form of expression. The fixation need not be directly perceptible ... Copyrightable works include ... pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works. No publication or registration or other action in the Copyright Office is required to secure copyright. ... The use of a copyright notice is no longer required under U.S. law...

All written stories are property of - (1999 through 2018) P. "Shel" Sheldon. All Pictures of cats - Topcat, Panther, Spooky and Snowball(ETC.) and Toronto (Toro) etc. are property of 1999-2018 (copywrite) Paul "Shel" Sheldon

Above Image showing cat in the hat, sword, pistol, flag (or similar depiction) are trademarks of Paul "Shel" Sheldon.

Images of Topcat - showing his head with eye patch and crossed swords below -on black, red ( or any other color ) backgounds are TRADEMARKS of Paul "Shel" Sheldon.

Other images on this website have either been given to me freely to use by various parties, created by myself or have been found on various websites on the internet it is my belief they are in the common domain.

If it is your belief that any of the images on this site have been copywrighted by you and NOT used with permission - please contact me at - pauls@catavenger.net - state the relevant information and I shall gladly remove them.

Further more just because and Image or story is not specifically mentioned does not mean that I have relinquished intellectual property rights to it.

These stories are works of fiction/satire (unless you believe in talking cat's and Santa Claus.)

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